Shut the fuck up scenecore Komaeda kinnie. Despair won't get the better of us! Shuichi has a cat! Hope! You guys are tiring me. Kagehara in the stench.

Upupu, The clash of hope and despair, how exciting!
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Danganronpa is a Japanese video game developed by Spike Chunsoft and written by Kazutaka Kodaka, which takes place in a prestigious high school for students whom are forced to kill each other in order to escape under the terms of a robot bear.

I always loved puzzles and mysteries, way before I could even distinguish the genre in video games. Few years back, I went in blind and bought Trigger Happy Havoc, spending my entire week completing the entire game. I wasn't disappointed, even if the Hope vs. Despair theme was... a little tacky-- but I was completely hooked onto the idea of a killing game, not to mention the charm and music won my heart. Let me say it again- I went in completely blind. I ended up with a new obsession and a couple new friends through the community, and I don't regret going broke after buying the rest of the series.

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"I'm the Ultimate Blader. I don't have to look the part just for a bunch of shallow jerks, so quit staring and keep it a few feet, yeah?"
Audition Tape

"I think it's a pretty common topic that comes up around the DR community:

'Would you survive a killing game?'

The type of persona I'd play in the game is very skeptical, as one should be in a killing game. However, he is an outcast; He never liked Hope's Peak Academy, and despises ultimates. He isn't as inept as you think-- why would he of all people attend Hope's Peak?
He never saw Ultimates as "better" than the average majority of the world. He views himself as sort of, like, a representative for the talentless, and believes talent can be awakened. Of course, he considers Hope's Peak scholars as pretentious or superficial by default (in either order). He even considers himself 'average, but just particularly more grounded in his beliefs.'

On the topic of beliefs, he thinks the hope and despair argument is pointless. Hope and despair has never been a matter of "good" and "evil," but the terms in its basic meanings is just to do or the lack of it. Instead, my persona enjoys the journey more, and prefers to provoke thought during trial. It's either to show off against the Ultimates, or to honestly make a point.

My talent in the game would be Ultimate Blader if I had to choose, solely because it's a pastime I'm not entirely known for, and it kinda fits the message I would play off in the games! Having the title of the ultimate blader also kinda leaves an opening for the idea that my character could be a cannibal, but that's personal. I wouldn't want to consider myself an antagonist (as fun as it sounds), but because it's so overdone, I think it'd be nice to be a support character, eventually a victim."

- #472

"Look at you, you even saw her at the scene, and you're still standing up for her? What's wrong with you?"

Best Title: "Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair"

Best tracks: Finding Peace Party (V3), Box 15 (THH), Ms. Monomi's Practice Lesson (SDR2), Objection (SDR2), Hyper P.T.A. (SDR2)

Best Protagonist: Hajime, case closed.

Best Mastermind: Enoshima Junko.

Best Anti-hero: Hell if I knew!

Best Participants: Hinata Hajime, Ouma Kokichi, Komaeda Nagito, Saionji Hiyoko, Hoshi Ryoma, Yonaga Angie.

Best Execution: Kirumi/Leon. Not because I had any emotional connections to either character, but I guess you could say it was executed well.

Best Minigame: Logic dive.

Nobody actually buys Manga to read it, so... consider this my "Danganronpa Trophy Gallery," slash "Non-literature Library."
Don't bother me, I'm busy reclaiming the title "Ultimate Cosplayer!" >:9
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